Medical Laboratory Science Major

Our program in medical laboratory science is one of the few hospital based programs in the region directed by a certified medical laboratory scientist—putting the focus on the science behind the medicine. With our versatile curriculum, you’ll learn the basics and everything beyond, gaining an unparalleled understanding of the field. And our expert faculty will help you prepare for a variety of careers after graduation.

What sets us apart?

  1. Unlike many health sciences programs, ours requires only four years of study.
  2. Combine in-depth theory with faculty-directed research to prepare for a rewarding laboratory career.
  3. You’ll gain hands-on experience at a range of clinical sites.
  4. Thinking of pre-medical studies? Medical laboratory sciences is a great place to start.
  5. Hone your skills through internship experiences at hospital laboratories.
  6. You can obtain a five-year dual degree in medical laboratory science and either biology, microbiology, or humanities and sciences.
  7. We also offer a master’s degree in laboratory sciences through a collaborative program with Thomas Jefferson University’s Department of Bioscience Technologies, where you’ll complete your fourth and fifth years.
  8. You can combine medical laboratory science with forensic science, completing both in four years.



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