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Medical Laboratory Science Faculty

University of the Sciences’ program is the only hospital-based medical technology program in Pennsylvania that has a certified medical laboratory scientist as director and advisor.

As a medical laboratory science student, you'll learn alongside your professors in the laboratory, performing tests and gathering data as a professional medical laboratory scientist would. The faculty members you'll learn and seek advice from are trained scientists and researchers.

You'll have access to faculty across the University for both teaching and mentoring. Faculty within Misher College of Arts and Sciences are available to share their professional experiences with you.

Mrs. Diane Valentin, MS, MT(ASCP)MBCM
Instructor in Medical Laboratory Science
Director, Medical Laboratory Science Program

Department of Biological Sciences | 215-596-8918

Mrs. Diane Valentin, MS, MT(ASCP)MBCM, is a graduate of USciences (MT’99), holds a certificate in Molecular Diagnostics from Michigan State University and is acquiring an MS in Biomedical Informatics through Rutgers University.  Her latest experience as a medical laboratory scientist has been with specialization in microbiology and molecular diagnostics as well as holding a  lead technologist position at the Corporal Michael J. Crescenz VA Medical Center.  During her last project prior to departure from the CMCVAMC, she worked closely with the hepatology group of physicians, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists to coordinate genomic testing of treatment of the Hepatitis C Virus in veterans afflicted with the virus.  Her current interest is to provide the students in the MLS track at USciences an up-to-date knowledge-base of information and technology available to them as a practitioner of medical laboratory science and to instill a patient-centered approach in their chosen profession.

Margaret Reinhart, MS, MT (ASCP)
Senior Lecturer in Biology | 215-596-8797

Ms. Reinhart holds an MS from Villanova University, an MMA from Pennsylvania State University, and a BS from Millersville University. She is a Medical Laboratory Scientist certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists and is a faculty member in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University, as well as an instructor in the Pennsylvania Hospital Medical Laboratory Science Program. Ms. Reinhart’s research interests are invertebrate immune responses; and reactions of earthworm coelomocytes to both naturally occurring and induced parasite infections, and in global sustainability education.

Adjunct Faculty

Berkshire Medical Center, Pittsfield, MA

Lori Moore, MEd, MT (ASCP)
MEd (Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts)
Program Director

Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH

Barbara Zingale, BS, MT (ASCP)CM
BS (Florida Atlantic University)
Program Director

Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Neptune, NJ

Nancy Jalowski, MAEd, MT (ASCP), PBTCM
MAEd (University of Phoenix)  
Program Director

Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

Jean Buchenhorst, MS, MLS (ASCP)CM
MS (MCP/Hahnemann) 
Program Director

Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences, Lancaster, PA

Carol Bond, MA, MT (ASCP)
BS (Shippensburg University) MA (Evangelical Seminary)
Program Director 

New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn, NY

Lynn Jones, MSEd, MT (ASCP)
MSEd (American College of Education)
Program Director 

Reading Hospital/Tower Health, Reading PA

Ethan Kentzel, MLS(ASCP)
BS (Slippery Rock University)
Program Director 

St. Christopher's Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

Susanne Dannert MT (ASCP) 
BS (Temple University) MS (Thomas Jefferson University)
Program Director 

The Valley Hospital, Ridgewood, NJ

Marietta Tomlin, MS, MLS (ASCP)CM
MS (Rutgers University) 
Program Director 

UPMC Chautauqua Medical Laboratory, Jamestown, NY

Michele G. Harms, MS, MLS (ASCP)CM
MS (State University of New York, Fredonia)
Program Director

Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN

Holly Covas, MPH, MLS (ASCP)CM
MPH (University of California, Berkeley) 
Program Director 


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