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Medical Laboratory Science Major - Experiential Opportunities


You will hone your skills through an internship experience at a hospital laboratory. Medical Laboratory Scientists are in such demand, that some internship sites offer free tuition for the year, in exchange for the student agreeing to work for their hospital system after graduation.

Here you will work on actual patient samples and do such things as:

  • Typing and cross-matching blood for transfusions
  • Chemical analysis of blood
  • Examination and culture of cerebrospinal fluid for meningitis
  • Diagnosis of hemophilia
  • Hundreds of other actual diagnostic tests

Hands-On Learning in Medical/Clinical Laboratory Sciences

You start gaining valuable experience immediately, thanks to laboratory work that commences during your first semester. Through a variety of tests and clinical experiments, you’ll be able to solve problems. Case studies provide invaluable, real-world examples to learn from.

You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in faculty-directed research. A current student, for example, is working with a University biologist who studies molecular mechanisms regulating gene expression and gene product function.

Pre-Medical Preparation

Because of the intensive experience-based education, Medical Laboratory Science is an outstanding precursor to medical school. You will be familiar with many of the research instruments and protocols used daily in medicine to diagnose and treat illnesses. You will also have a firm grasp on the biological and chemical bases of medical study due to our science-based curriculum.


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