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Environmental Science Minor

Students with a minor in environmental science are well prepared to pursue opportunities in the workforce or in graduate or professional schools.  

Coursework & Duration

Required Courses

Course Number Course Name Credits
BS 276
Introduction to Environmental Science 3 credits

Elective Courses

15 required hours that may be taken from the courses listed below:

Course Number Course Name Credits
BS 277 Introduction to Environmental Science Laboratory 1 credit
BS 280 Comparative Animal Physiology 3 credits 
BS 372 Aquatic Biology 4 credits 
BS 375 Environmental Microbiology 3 credits 
BS 377 Ecology 4 credits 
BS 440 Environmental Toxicology 3 credits 
BS 471   Environmental Law 3 credits 
BS 472 Principles of Environmental Risk Assessment 3 credits 
BS 474 Emerging Biological Threats and Global Sustainability 3 credits
CH 361 Analytical Chemistry 3 credits 
CH 363 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory 1 credit
CH 366 Principles of Analytical Chemistry  3 credits 
GL 275 Environmental Geology 3 credits 
HE 730 Fundamentals of Epidemiology (cross-listed as HP 730) 3 credits 
HE 740 Environment and Human Health 3 credits 
HS 430 Survey of Public Health 3 credits
SS 422 Globalization and International Health 3 credits

Requirements & Expectations

You must complete 18 credits above the introductory level for a minor in environmental science. Of the 18 credits, a minimum of 12 credits of minor coursework must be completed in addition to any courses (required courses or program electives) included in the major curriculum.

Interested students should apply to the minor program early in their academic career, usually by the fifth semester of college work, but no later than the end of the drop/add period of the first semester of their last year of didactic work.


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