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Chair’s Message -  Department of Biological Sciences

Dear Prospective Students, Current Students, Alumni and Friends,

As the Interim Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences, I welcome you to our website. This department is dedicated to providing students with opportunities to learn and experience Biological Sciences, ranging from studying molecules within a cell all the way through the study of ecological communities. Our research- and teaching-intensive faculty members are committed to providing superior education to students in order to become successful global citizens. Inquiry-based hands-on research and data analysis help students to understand the natural world they live in, even if they choose not to pursue science or research careers after graduating. Our research-intensive faculty members also provide training opportunities in our graduate programs in brewing science, cancer biology, cell biology and biotechnology, cell and molecular biology, in which students devote longer and sustained periods of time to novel discoveries.

The Department of Biological Sciences is honored to host the prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute's SEA-PHAGES program, which offers interested students an authentic research experience during their freshman year. These students isolate, purify, and characterize their own novel bacterial viruses from a variety of samples. They also have the opportunity to visualize their viruses using advanced microscopic techniques and characterize their genomes based on sequencing.  Further, these trainees annotate these genomic sequences using bioinformatics tools to identify genes and gene functions, with the culmination of these efforts resulting in a publication in the international GenBank database.  Aligning with the scientific method, students are invited to present their findings at local and national conferences. 

If you are a prospective undergraduate student, I encourage you to examine our coursework and laboratory offerings which make our biology, biomedical sciences, environmental science, microbiology, and medical laboratory science curricula so outstanding. Our degrees provide students with the necessary pre-requisites for post-graduate work (e.g. medical, dental, veterinary, and graduate schools, etc.). Additionally, the biological and biomedical sciences programs are flexible enough that students can craft their own personalized experience in the health concentration of their choice.

Finally, I invite all the alumni of our department to tell us where you are now and what made your education "one-of-a-kind" at USciences. Drop us an email at bio­ Whether you are a prospective or current student, an alumnus, or a friend of our department, please visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We have many events and activities happening throughout the semester.

I look forward to engaging with you in the near future.

Warm Regards,

Peter B. Berget, PhD