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Brewing Science Certificate - Frequently Asked Questions

Below are FAQs about our brewing science certificate.  Please reach out to Matthew Farber, PhD, Program Director, with any further questions.

Is this certificate right for me?

I currently work in the brewing industry—is this certificate for me?

Absolutely!  Our program focuses on the underlying science of the process, troubleshooting critical control points, and practicing hands-on, quality control methods in our labs.  Our brewing science certificate will help you learn valuable skills needed for ensuring consistent beer at your current brewery.  You might even help start a quality control lab at your brewery as some past graduates have done.  Plus with over 20+ industry instructors and advisors, you will continue to build your industry network.

I want to work in the brewing industry—is this certificate for me?

Absolutely!  Our past graduates have come from a variety of demographics and career backgrounds.  Some students are looking to apply their science background to brewing.  Some students are looking to transition to a new field.  Flexibility in our course content, particularly the Project in Brewing Science and the Internship will allow you to tailor the program to your career objectives.

My bachelor’s degree is in [insert non-science field].  Can I still apply for this program?

Yes!  The program only requires 2 courses in science, engineering, or math as a prerequisite.  Your degree may be in finance, photography, German,  etc.  Many of our successful graduates have come from non-science backgrounds.

What are the application requirements?

Do my courses count for the required prerequisites?

The following courses at USciences fulfill prerequisites:

  • General Biology I or Introductory Biology I
  • General Chemistry I and II, or Principles of Chemistry I and II
  • Introductory Physics I and II
  • Mathematical Analysis I or Precalculus

Coursework taken outside of USciences may be acceptable.  View course equivalencies, and contact the Program Director for further discussion.

What if I do not have the required pre-requisite courses?

We highly recommend taking local community college courses to fulfill the prerequisite courses.  Please contact the program director for further discussion.

Do I need to take the GRE or GMAT?

No, the GRE or GMAT is not required for admissions.

When is my application due?

Applications for Fall enrollment are due mid-August.  Because applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, applications can be submitted at any time.

When will I hear from someone regarding my application?

Applications are continually reviewed on an ongoing basis.  Accepted students will be contacted as soon as a decision is made.  Typically a decision will be received within a few weeks of application completion.

May I use my veteran benefits in this program?

Yes!  This program is fully eligible for VA benefits. Refer to our Military and Veterans Financial Aid Benefits page for more information. Please contact the program director for further discussion of scheduling options as you may be able to complete the program at an accelerated pace.

How is the program structured?

Is this an online certificate program?

No, in order to train the best new employees for the brewing industry, we require hands on experience in our laboratory courses and our pilot brewery.  In addition, we strive to promote personal interactions between industry instructors and our students to facilitate networking opportunities.

What is the class schedule?

All classes meet once a week from 6-9pm on either Monday or Wednesday evening.  For the Project in Brewing Science course, students will conduct projects in the brewing lab on their own schedule with availability on weekdays and weekends.  The internship work schedule will be set at the discretion of the internship host site supervisor.  Please consult the USciences academic calendar for semester start and end dates. 

What is the difference between the 1+ and the 2+ year program?

Both options are considered part-time programs with details outlined on the curriculum page.  The 1+ year schedule increases in course number in the spring and summer semester, while in the 2+ year track, students only take one course per semester.  This option was designed to give students flexibility for personal or financial reasons.  Classes meet from 6-9pm on Monday or Wednesday.

When do I need to decide between the 1+ and the 2+ year program?

Regardless of the track, all students take one course in the fall: Fundamentals of Brewing Science.  In consultation with the program director during the fall semester, you will register for courses in the spring based on your intended track.


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