Biology Major - Costs & Financial Aid

USciences education just became more affordable.

Beginning fall 2018, students who enroll as undergraduates will not pay more than $25,000 per year in tuition and fees.

These costs are based on completion of your degree in the prescribed curriculum, and time period outlined below. Additional classes outside your prescribed sequence of study will incur an additional cost.

This pricing includes general university fees which remain consistent throughout the course of your enrollment in your program of study. This pricing does not include room and board or health insurance.

You can take up to a year away from school without your tuition schedule changing.

Full Tuition and Fee Schedule for Incoming Traditional Undergraduate Students Entering Fall 2018

Year Tuition/Fees
1 $25,000
2 $25,000
3 $25,000
4 $25,000
Total: $100,000

Room, Board and Health Insurance, 2017-18 Academic Year 

Room Charges (Goodman, Osol, Wilson Halls) Semester Year
Triple Room $3,850 $7,700
Double Room $4,808 $9,616
Single Room $6,010 $12,020
Board Plans (Residents) Semester Year
11 Meal Plan (11 meals per week + $625 Declining Balance Dollars per semester)  $3,061 $6,122
Ultimate 700 (14 meals per week + $700 Declining Balance Dollars per semester  $3,161 $6,322 
Health Insurance
Semester Year
University-sponsored student health insurance plan premium ^   $1,993

† Room, board and health insurance costs are subject to change annually. Amounts shown are 2017-18 costs.

^ Enrollment required of all half-time and full-time students without equivalent health insurance coverage.

The University Administration reserves the right to make changes in tuition, fees, and room and board charges. 

Financial Aid

A USciences education is a long-term investment, and financial aid is the best way to help offset the cost of your degree. From federal grants to scholarships and work-study, there are many forms of aid available.

The first step in acquiring financial aid is to apply, and our knowledgeable Financial Aid Office staff members are here to help you with the process and discuss your aid options.

Click here for all the financial aid information you’ll need to take the next step.

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