Biology Major- Career Outcomes

Biology Careers

Recent advances in biotechnology and molecular biology are transforming the research industries in which biologists work. A degree in biology prepares you for a spectrum of career options, enabling you to:

  • Gain admission to medical, veterinary, dental or other professional schools.
  • Perform research and aid discovery in medicine and pharmaceuticals, microbiology and biotechnology.
  • Enter the burgeoning environmental industries, including forestry, endangered species recovery programs with zoos and parks, and environmental conservation.
  • Serve in the arena of public health.
  • Teach science in public or private schools, or with further education, at universities and colleges, or in public venues like zoos, museums and nature centers.
  • Become a science and health writer, creating industry materials or informing the public.
  • Pursue a law degree with a scientific foundation to handle ethically sensitive, complex cases, or advise lawmakers at all levels of government, explaining biological issues and contributing to sound legislative decisions.