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Biological Sciences, MS, PhD, Certificate

Our understanding of cellular and molecular systems is increasing at a breakneck pace. So is the demand for professionals trained in manipulating genes, cells, and their products in technical and research environments.

Our programs offer the in-depth knowledge that private-sector companies and public sector laboratories seek. With three Masters level options, a certificate and the PhD, our programs are designed to fit your needs and goals. MS degrees can be completed in about two years—the PhD in less than five. 

Our graduates enter a variety of career fields including genetics, clinical settings, the pharmaceutical industry and beyond. Our MS-level graduates fill mid- and upper-level technical positions in the private and governmental sectors. PhD graduates are highly-qualified and skilled researchers, supervisors, team or division leaders, or serve a variety of other managerial or supervisory roles.

Cell Biology & Biotechnology (MS)

From mapping genomes, to manipulating cells, to developing biotechnology that can save lives and safeguard our planet, this is a thrilling new era for the biological sciences. With a Masters degree in Cell Biology and Biotechnology from USciences, you will gain hands-on experience at the leading edge of an ever-evolving field. You will learn the same techniques and technologies that are being used in industry and private research labs. And, you will work alongside world-class faculty in the region’s only science-focused university.

Choose from three unique options:

  • Thesis Option—for students interested in conducting research and writing a thesis
  • Non-thesis Option—requires course work only
  • Non-thesis Professional Option—targets students who may fast-track to a management-level position within a current or desired company

Cell and Molecular Biology (PhD)

This interdisciplinary PhD allows you to conduct research alongside acclaimed faculty.  PhD projects not only incorporate elements of both cell and molecular biology, but also microbiology, bioinformatics, biochemistry, and more.

A partnership with the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) offers a DO/PhD combining the doctor of osteopathic medicine with a doctorate in cell and molecular biology. The degree is designed to train physician scientists to perform fundamental research on human health issues, speed translational research to clinical practice, or develop related approaches.

Certificate in Biotechnology

If you already hold a bachelor’s degree, the Biotechnology Certificate will give you additional specialized knowledge and hands-on skills for a competitive edge in the market, or to prepare for an MS or PhD program. Gain valuable lab experience with molecular manipulation and biomolecules, and build on your scientific foundation with courses in biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, and cell biology.

What Sets Us Apart?

  1. Our small size adds a level of agility across lab and course work. We offer new perspectives and techniques that keep pace with the industry, along with experiences that rival the largest institutions.
  2. Individualized attention and practical, hands-on experience with the same instruments and techniques employed by the most sophisticated research labs.
  3. Strong research-intensive career preparation, perfect for academia and private industry.

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