Message from the Biological Sciences Program Director

There isn't a better time to pursue an advanced degree in cell biology, molecular biology, or biotechnology. From mapping species’ genomes to looking at human cells in completely new ways to finding the keys to technologies that can protect our planet, the opportunities for trained professionals to accelerate scientific discovery are tremendous.

University of the Sciences’ certificate and advanced biological science degree programs are designed to give you exactly what you need to take your career practically anywhere. You’ll receive comprehensive, theoretical content as well as hands-on experience with instruments and techniques that most students only read about.

Everyone here on campus, from the faculty to the freshman class, is excited about and focused on scientific discovery. Our teaching and learning environment is dynamic, challenging, and interactive. You can expect to be mentored and to lead.

Our small size adds a level of agility across lab and course work. We offer new perspectives and techniques that keep pace with industry, along with experiences that rival the largest institutions.  

We invite you to learn more about our biological sciences graduate programs—and how we can help you advance your understanding and your career.


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