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Department of Biological Sciences

The Department of Biological Sciences at USciences proudly offers undergraduate majors in biology, biomedical sciences, environmental science, microbiology, and medical laboratory science, plus minors in biology, environmental science, microbiology, and neuroscience. A major in neuroscience is offered in partnership with several departments.  The department also administers the undergraduate pre-physician assistant studies program.  We’re also the home of graduate programs in cell biology and biotechnology, cell and molecular biology, and graduate certificate programs in biotechnology, and brewing science.

Undergraduate BS, Minor Programs

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    BiologyProgram Options: BS, Minor

    The major and minor in biology at USciences both lay a strong foundation of scientific knowledge for the advanced study of biology and the health sciences, including medical, dental, or veterinary school.

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    Biomedical SciencesProgram Options: BS

    One of only two undergraduate biomedical sciences programs in the Philadelphia region, this unique major includes concentrations in neuroscience, clinical science, and biotechnology.

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    Environmental ScienceProgram Options: BS, Minor

    USciences graduates are filling the growing demand for skilled environmental scientists trained in the advanced field collection and lab analysis that protects our air, water, land and food.

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    MicrobiologyProgram Options: BS, Minor

    With our cutting-edge research facilities and unique health sciences focus, USciences is the ideal place to study microbiology. Choose from emphases in clinical, environmental, and basic/applied microbiology.

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    Medical Laboratory ScienceProgram Options: BS

    This hospital-based program is one of a select few in the region directed by a certified medical laboratory scientist. Get hands-on experience with sophisticated instrumentation in a real-world clinical setting.

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    Undergraduate Pre-Physician Assistant Studies ProgramProgram Options: BS

    Gain practical experience and master the most effective ways to learn what patients need.

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    NeuroscienceProgram Options: Minor

    Neuroscience provides a strong foundation for interdisciplinary study of the nervous system and the physiology of cognition.

Graduate MS, PhD Programs

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    Cell Biology and BiotechnologyProgram Options: MS, Biotechnology Certificate

    Team up with our impressive faculty in the advanced study of biotechnological techniques and applications, and to conduct exciting research into cellular functions at the molecular and cellular levels. Choose from three MS degree options: thesis, non-thesis, and professional and a Biotechnology Certificate.

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    Cell and Molecular BiologyProgram Options: PhD

    This research-intensive interdisciplinary program is for graduate students interested in academic and research careers in the fields of cellular and molecular biology.

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    Brewing ScienceProgram Options: Certificate

    Dive into the biology, chemistry, physics, and math of brewing the perfect pint of beer in this fascinating certificate program, the first in the mid-Atlantic region.

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