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Racism and Health Undergraduate Certificate

A new generation of leaders is needed to make significant changes in not only the delivery of culturally competent health care but also improving health equity
for all Americans.

The impact of racism on health outcomes is at the forefront of public conversation. There are a range of manifestations of racism in our current health system, including, but not limited to: direct racism (e.g., using slurs), implicit racial  bias (e.g., having different expectations or making different assumptions about someone due to their race), lack of representation, and systemic connections to socioeconomic status.

The myriad forms of racism currently at play in our society will be explored in this 15-credit undergraduate certificate program, housed in the Behavioral and Social Sciences Department, which will provide the disciplinary expertise to understand how racism and health intersect.

Anthropology examines how societies culturally construct race and health. Psychology examines how individual thoughts and behaviors are influenced by groups. Sociology examines how social institutions and inequalities influence measures of health for individuals and racial groups. Taken together, a selection of courses will teach you to identify and critically evaluate measures, causes, and consequences of racial health disparities, which have a long and problematic history in our healthcare system.  

Curriculum and Duration

Successful completion of the Certificate requires 15 credits.  

Prerequisite Course

Any one of the following introductory courses offered in the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences:

  • AN103–Introduction to Anthropology
  • SO101–Introduction to Sociology
  • SO111–Principles of Sociology
  • PS101–Introduction to Psychology
  • PS111–Principles of Psychology

Elective Courses

Choose four courses (12 credits) from the following list:

  • AN201–Health and Societies
  • AN301–Medical Anthropology
  • PS301–Social Psychology
  • PS318–Health Psychology
  • SO422–Race, Cultures, and Ethnicity
  • SS300–Social Epidemiology
  • SS321–Intercultural Health Communication
  • SS400–Qualitative Methods in Social Science
  • PL330–Philosophy of Race, Class, and Gender
  • Other classes at the 200+ level as approved by the program director and/or department chair

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