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Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences

The behavioral and social sciences round out your healthcare or science education—helping you grasp how people from different backgrounds think and interact. Our department features undergraduate and graduate programs in a range of disciplines, from psychology and medical anthropology to communications and sociology. Here, expert faculty help you apply practical skills, engaging you on their clinical and research projects. Whatever your career path, you’ll graduate understanding communication, human behavior, and the secrets of social interaction.

The behavioral and social sciences focus on human behavior at the individual and collective level. You will understand yourself, your family, your friends, your community, and our increasingly connected world by studying the behavioral and social sciences.

Undergraduate BS, Minor Programs

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    PsychologyProgram Options: BS, Minor

    Dive deep into why we think, act, and react the way we do, and get an inside look into the human mind.

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    Racism and HealthProgram Options: Undergraduate Certificate

    A new generation of leaders is needed to make significant changes in not only the delivery of culturally competent health care but also improving health equity
    for all Americans.

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    Health CommunicationProgram Options: Minor

    Invest in your career with some of the most sought after professional skills, including how to articulate ideas clearly and succinctly.

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    Societies and HealthProgram Options: Minor

    Explore how anthropology, psychology, sociology, and communication connect to health and society.

Graduate MS, Certificate Programs

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    Health PsychologyProgram Options: MS

    Understand how physical health and mental wellness intersect—and how behavioral factors contribute to heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes. 

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    Health Education and CommunicationProgram Options: Certificate

    15-credit graduate certificate program to address key competencies in health education and communication.

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