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Health Education and Communication Certificate – Career Outcomes

Show health and medical employers that you have the skills and knowledge to compete in the vital arenas of health education and communication. Earning your graduate certificate will demonstrate a unique capacity to design effective interventions that improve health education, study and change health communication practices, and improve health literacy across the spectrum of care in many multidisciplinary workplace settings.

Develop an Edge in Healthcare
Sharpen Your Skills and Increase Your Value

Along with knowledge of social sciences and research and practical skills in health education and communication, crucial aspects to increase your value range from success in community and wellness settings to successful medical school admissions and institutional reviews in hospitals or clinics. Since the U.S. DHHS’s addition of health communication and IT objectives to the nation’s Healthy People public health agendas, health education and communication have played an increasingly crucial role in improving the national health agenda.

The latest technologies—such as apps, ehealth interventions, and new social media platforms—are also gaining influence in this growing field. Employing new methods of outreach through current and evolving media channels allows students to create a new professional niche. The combination of creativity and public health awareness provides a unique foundation for improving patient care—and saving lives.

Numerous national and international organizations and professional communication organizations now include health education and communication as pivotal areas for conference research and award-winning study. Through both core course content and tailored selection of elective courses, this graduate certificate prepares students to apply their advanced skills in health education and communication in a wide range of professional settings.


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