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Chair’s Message - Department of Behavioral and Social Science

Welcome to the laboratory for your life! Our department houses the undergraduate and graduate programs in psychology and health psychology. Psychology students are working with faculty in their labs studying a variety of topics including neuroscience and cognition, autism spectrum disorders, early childhood development and learning, goal disengagement, and weight, eating and pain. Our advanced courses in social science—such as medical anthropology or sociology—get you out into the community to learn how culture and society shapes our choice of friends, careers, and health-related habits. And virtually every student at USciences learns how to make a scientific presentation—or even whisper more effectively—from our courses in communication.

Keep our major, minors, and courses in mind as you prepare yourself for a career in the sciences or healthcare. It is well known that more than half of all causes of mortality in the U.S. are linked to social and behavioral factors. These can’t be “cured” with medication, surgery, or even new technology. So, medical schools and other health professions programs are incorporating behavioral and social sciences into their curricula to provide more focus on patient behavior, as well as on communication between patients and healthcare providers. Get a jump on the competition by becoming more fluent in cultural competency, health behavior psychology, and especially healthcare communication in the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences. We welcome you on any level!

E. Amy Janke, PhD
Chair, Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Associate Professor of Psychology


E. Amy Janke, PhD

Office Location:

Kline Hall, Room 209


University of the Sciences
600 South 43rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495