MBA in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business - Curriculum & Duration

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MBA in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business Curriculum

Required Courses (11 courses, 22 credits)

Course Number Course Name Credits
PB711 Managerial & Financial Accounting 2 credits
PB721 Managerial Finance 2 credits
PB722 Corporate Finance 2 credits
PB731 Business Statistics 2 credits
PB741 Team Dynamics & HR Management 2 credits
PB742 Leadership and Development 2 credits
PB751 Introduction to Marketing  2 credits
PB752 Market Research  2 credits
PB761  Competitive Analysis & Strategic Planning 2 credits
PB774  Ethical Issues in Pharmaceutical Business 2 credits
PB890 Capstone 2 credits

Multidiscipline Strategic Management (4 courses, 4 credits)1

Course Number Course Name Credits
PB790 Multidiscipline Strategic Management III 1 credit
PB791 Multidiscipline Strategic Management I 1 credit
PB792 Multidiscipline Strategic Management II 1 credit
PB794 Multidiscipline Strategic Management IV 1 credit

Suggested Elective Courses (6 courses, 14 credits)

Course Number Course Name Credits
PB707 or HP707 Issues & Trends in Health Policy 3 credits
PB753 Pharmaceutical Marketing & Sales Management 2 credits
PB762 Pharmaceutical Research & Development 2 credits
PB771 Regulation of Rx Drugs 2 credits
PB 840 or PA 840 Health Economics 3 credits
PB880 International Pharmaceutical Business2 2 credits

Currently PB 790, PB 791, PB 792 and PB 794 fulfill the multidiscipline strategic management course requirement.
Currently PB 880 fulfills the global graduate course requirement. Other global graduate courses may be considered as elective options.

Sample Curriculums

Online MBA in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business
Evening MBA in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business
Post-Graduate Certificate Programs

*Sample schedules provide students with the appropriate course loads to complete the MBA in 2 years. Schedules are tentative and subject to change.


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