Mayes College Managed Market Fellowship

The Managed Markets Fellowship, offered by University of the Sciences through a generous grant from Genentech (a member of the Roche Group), is designed to provide opportunities for graduating USciences seniors and recent alumni to develop core knowledge in managed care markets through coursework, mentoring, and real-world experiences. Upon completion of this two and a half-year fellowship, participants will be well-prepared to assume key roles in the industry and have confidence in their critical thinking and business skills. This opportunity is salaried with benefits and although post-fellowship employment is not guaranteed, fellows will be in a strong position for leadership opportunities within the Genentech organization. The Managed Markets Fellowship is offered and administered through Mayes College of Healthcare Business & Policy.

Program Description

The Managed Markets Fellowship is a two and a half-year, salaried program designed to give its members research as well as on hands-on, real-world experience in a wide range of managed care areas.

Part 1 will take place at USciences and consist of:

  • Mentorship while working alongside senior University faculty        
    • One-on-one  industry education, along with presentation and networking skills development
    • Teaching experience within the undergraduate Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Business program
  • Off-campus, real-world, experiential rotations in a wide range of managed care areas such as:
    • Governmental Organizations and Agencies
    • Private Healthcare Consulting Firms
    • Private Managed Care Organizations
    • Pharmacy Benefit Managers
    • Professional Associations
  • Independent Research Study Projects (e.g. Poster Presentations/Papers in conjunction with professional association meetings)

Part 2 will take place at Genentech headquarters in South San Francisco, California. This portion of the fellowship will consist of rotations within the Managed Care and Customer Operations (MCCO) division in areas such as Strategic Pricing and Contract Management, Access Solutions, Channel Distribution Strategies, and Managed Care Marketing.


All candidates interested in the fellowship must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Have earned, or are expected to earn, a degree with one (or more) of the following designations: MBA, PharmD, MPH, or PhD from University of the Sciences within the past 2 years
  • Be willing to travel/relocate for up to 12 weeks per rotation (if they occur outside the Greater Philadelphia) region in Year 1 and must be willing to relocate to San Francisco, California for the second 18 months.

Preferred Qualifications

  • One to three years of relevant employment or collegiate experience (e.g. field work, practical lab experience, internships, fellowships, clerkships)
  • Passion and motivation to advance to leadership level opportunities
  • Demonstrated ability and experience in effectively interacting with executives and senior leadership
  • Employment experience in healthcare, business, and/or health policy
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Strong quantitative and analytical skills

Other Information

  • Expenses related to temporary housing during rotations in Part 1 and relocation to San Francisco in Part 2 will be paid by the fellowship program.
  • As employees of USciences in Part 1 and Genentech in Part 2, fellows will receive benefits per the guidelines of the respective organizations.

No employee or contractor of Genentech and University of the Sciences may apply for the fellowship during the time of his/her employment or contract, nor may an award be offered to any person who has been employed by or under contract of either institution in the previous year, without prior approval.

Application Process

No further applications for the Managed Market Fellowship will be received.  

About Genentech

Genentech is motivated by a desire to make a difference in the lives of patients with serious and life-threatening diseases. Considered a pioneer in the biotechnology industry, Genentech has been delivering on the promise of biotechnology for more than 30 years, using human genetic information to discover, develop, manufacture and commercialize biotherapeutics that address significant unmet medical needs. Today, Genentech is among the world's leading biotech companies with multiple products on the market for serious or life-threatening medical conditions, more than 100 projects in the pipeline, and a long term plan for growth.

Additional Information

For additional information on the Managed Markets Fellowship contact Patricia Audet, Chair and Professor, Mayes College of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business, via email at or 215-596-7439.


Patricia Audet, PharmD

Office Location:

4101 Woodland Avenue, Room 146


University of the Sciences
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