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Return to Campus Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19): The latest updates about USciences return to campus: The full plan for a phased return of employees and students:

Frequent Questions from Deposited First-time Students

Student Accounts

How and when will I receive my bill and when is it due?
Where should I take out a loan for the remaining costs?
When and how does my loan amount get sent to USciences for payment?
How do I set up a payment plan?
I received an outside scholarship. Who should I contact to make sure it is received at USciences?


Residence Life and Dining (Room and Board)

How and when do I find out where I will be living on campus?
What is my campus address?
How do I find a roommate?
Am I required to live in LLC or can I reside in one of the other campus residence halls?
Can I have a single room?
Is there an all female floor?
What furniture will be provided? What should I bring? What is the size of the room?
How do I rent a micro-fridge (combination microwave and refrigerator)?
How do I select a meal plan? What meal plan am I currently enrolled in? How do I change it?
I am a commuter student. Can I get a meal plan?



How do I register for classes?
When and how do I receive my class schedule?
Can I make changes to my schedule?
How and when do I submit my AP/IB scores and dual enrollment credits?
I sent my AP scores/dual enrollment credit classes to USciences, why are these classes still on my schedule?
Will my dual enrollment/community college GPA be carried over to USciences?
When and where will I be able to view my books/supplies list?
When will I know who my advisor is and how can I contact him or her?
How can I change my major?



What kind of computer or device should I bring?
How do I get access to the USciences accounts?
Is there WiFi on campus?


Student Accomodations and Student Health and Counseling

When is the Student Health Record due? Who should I contact if I have questions about the health record?
Do I need to get health insurance?
I would like more information about how to get accommodations on campus (academic, residential, meal plan, etc.). Who should I contact?


Campus Life

Where can I find a work study job?
Where can I pick up my student ID?
I’m excited to meet my classmates! How can I contact them before we meet in person?
Can I bring my car on campus? How do I get a parking space?
Am I required to attend orientation? What if I cannot attend?



I am not receiving emails from USciences (Admission Office). What should I do?
I am not receiving texts from USciences (Admission Office). What should I do?
What is my student ID number?
Important Dates 2021-2022

May 1: Priority Enrollment deadline
August 30: First day of classes

Important Contacts

Admission: 888-996-8747
Financial Aid: 215-596-8894
Info Technology Helpdesk: 
Residential Life: 215-596-8756
Meal Plans: 215-596-8901
Student Health: 215-596-8980
Student Accounts: 215-596-8860