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Take a Break with Drake

At USciences, our students and graduates know what it’s like to work hard and play hard. But sometimes, and especially in times like these, we all can use a break—a time to refocus, to breathe, to relax. Well, Drake (our Devilish mascot!) has got you covered with a whole list of things to do to lighten your day. Enjoy!

Music to Your Ears

Get in the groove, get in the zone, or just simply unwind and relax with these great Spotify playlists curated by Drake himself (no, not that Drake). Follow USciences on Spotify for more great tunes and new playlists to keep you moving.

Eye Candy

Zoom Backgrounds

Show off your USciences pride to all of your digital friends. Here are some Zoom backgrounds you can download and install to use in your next virtual get-together, friends conference call, or family video chat. Simply click on each background to download to your computer. More information on using a background in Zoom can be found on the Zoom website.

  • USciences Zoom background
  • USciences Zoom background
  • USciences Zoom background
  • USciences Zoom background
  • USciences Zoom background
  • USciences Zoom background

Coloring Pages

For the artistically inclined, we have a set of USciences coloring book pages. Click on each picture to find the full-sized version of each page. Print it out and color away!

  • Drake the Devil coloring page
  • USciences Devils coloring page
  • Griffith Hall coloring page
  • Microscope and Stethoscope coloring page
  • Sciences Notes coloring page
  • Skeleton coloring page
  • Caduceus coloring page
  • Natural Plants coloring page

Peace of Mindfulness

When the going gets tough, self-care can sometimes be the best medicine. De-stress, get centered, and find your focus with these great mindfulness apps. Each app can be downloaded for both iPhone and Android devices. For additional wellness resources, you can always visit our Dimensions of Wellness webpage.

  • Calm

    Find Your Calm. Sleep more. Stress less. Live better. Calm is the perfect mindfulness app for beginners, but also includes hundreds of programs for intermediate and advanced users.

  • Insight Timer
    Insight Timer

    Insight Timer is a smartphone app and online community for meditation. The app features guided meditations, music and talks posted by contributing experts.

  • Headspace

    Headspace is your personal guide to health and happiness. It can help you focus, breathe, stay calm, and create the conditions for a better night's sleep by practicing meditation and mindfulness.

  • Sanvello

    Sanvello helps you understand you: Our thoughts, moods, and behaviors all shape how we feel. Sanvello gives you clinically validated techniques to help you manage your moods and thoughts, so you can understand what works for you to feel better.

Weird Science

Practitioners in the fields of science and healthcare have the power to change the world, shape the lives of others, and improve outcomes all around the globe. USciences students, alumni, and faculty certainly know this fact. But even those who are proven everywhere let their hair down every once in a while. Check out some cool and crazy science videos from our students and faculty, and follow the USciences YouTube channel for more!

Food for Thought

A few activities to help exercise your mind as well as your vocabulary. Picking up a good book is a great way to get away using your imagination. Find a new novel to pass the time with or join a discussion to share your thoughts with others.

Food for your Belly

Follow along with some fun and scrumptious recipes crafted by our USciences Dining Services team. You can follow them on Instagram for other inspiring food takes and tips, as well as live cooking demonstrations and other tasty tidbits.

  • Blueberry French Toast in a Mug
  • Microwave Egg Fried Rice
  • Microwave Mac n Cheese
  • Whipped Coffee
  • Mug Omelette
  • Spiced Orange Tea

Movement Medicine

Sometimes the secret to feeling great is to simply get in motion and elevate your heart rate. Drake recommends going for a jog or shooting some hoops with friends, but when it's not possible to get outside and work out with others, a virtual fitness class is the next best thing. USciences Campus Recreation offers the following online training sessions and fitness classes. Follow them on Instagram for the latest updates and info.

Zoom Group Fitness


Virtual Philadelphia

Our home of Philadelphia is a city unlike any other. Explore the multitude of museums, historic sites, attractions, and other institutions Philly has to offer, virtually! Learn more about how medicine has evolved and shaped our world at the Mütter Museum, watch live music and theater performances hosted by The Kimmel Center, and much much more: