Important Information for Post-Baccalaureate Occupational Therapy Students, accepted for 2018

Pre-Requisite Course Work

All pre-requisite courses must be completed prior to beginning classes in May. Outstanding items in your student file will impact your ability to progress in the program. It is the student’s responsibility to submit proof of course completion(s) by Friday, May 25, 2018 to Aimee Viggiani at

Essential Functions

Applicants and students are required to be able to perform specified essential functions (with or without reasonable accommodations) in order to enter into the program, to progress through the curricula, and to meet graduation requirements for the OT department. You are expected to read the Essential Functions document and bring a signed copy of the checklist with you to your first class on May 28, 2018. You may also mail a copy prior to orientation to:

Carmela Matthews-Davis
University of the Sciences
600 S. 43rd Street, Box 8
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Orientation for Post-Baccalaureate Occupational Therapy Students

Orientation is mandatory for all students. Orientation will provide information about campus, registration, photograph ID, and technology accounts. More information about Orientation will be forthcoming in the spring. A formal orientation typically occurs on the new student’s first day on campus (see below).

Housing Options

Summer housing is available on campus for summer classes. Please visit our Residence Life page for more information about on- and off-campus housing options.

Health and Immunization Requirements

To provide a safe and healthy environment at the University, students are required to provide a complete medical history and obtain a health evaluation (i.e. Physical Exam), immunizations, and blood titers for proof of immunity.  You can satisfy these requirements by completing the Student Health Record.

The Student Health Record is to be downloaded, completed, and uploaded to the Student Health Portal by the first week in August for students starting in Summer/Fall 2018.  If you will be residing in University Housing during the summer session, you must submit proof of Meningococcal vaccination (after the age of 16) no later than May 15, 2018.

For questions or concerns, please visit the SHAC webpage or call 215-596-8980.

Financial Aid

Submit your FAFSA as soon as possible after October to be considered for financial aid. For outside scholarship information, click here.

Tuition and Fees

Post-Baccalaureate MOT students, review your tuition and fee information.

Post-Baccalaureate DrOT students, review your tuition and fee information.

Additional Information/Next Steps

  • Join us for a post-baccalaureate OT accepted student chat and get your questions answered by our admission staff.
  • Plan to attend the Graduate Student Social at University of the Sciences on Thursday, March 1 from 5:30-7pm (with tours starting at 4:30pm for OT students.) 
  • Join our Occupational Therapy Facebook group.
  • Check your inbox and mailbox for additional accepted student information in April. If you have any other questions, please feel free to call Carmela Matthews-Davis, Administrative Coordinator at 215-895-3123.