Meet Your Orientation Leaders for 2017

Regan Asay

Regan Asay

Hometown: Basking Ridge, NJ

Campus Involvement: USciences Women's Cross Country Team, Honors Program, iLead Leadership Scholar, Alpha Lambda Delta Vice President, PCP-SSHP, and APHA

Favorite Things to do in Free Time: Practice yoga, run, be in the sun, and spend time with friends and family!

Advice for Incoming Students: Don't be too hard on yourself. One bad grade is not the end of the world. Just put in the work, and everything else will come. And go outside your comfort zone because you'll discover new things about yourself and meet some amazing people!

Becca Colandrea

Becca Colandrea

Hometown: North Brunswick, NJ

Campus Involvement: USciences Softball Team, Vice President of American Chemical Society, Student Research Society, and Undergraduate Research

Favorite Things to do in Free Time: I like to catch up on sleep and relax by cooking.

Advice for Incoming Students: I would encourage you to take your freshman year seriously and do as well as you can in all your classes. And try to get involved in any organization that you are interested in. College is what you make of it, and by putting yourself out there, there is a great chance your experience here at USciences will be the best it can be!

Sammi Donovan

Sammi Donovan

Hometown: Lindenhurst, NY

Campus Involvement: SEA-PHAGES lab Teacher’s Assistant, Chemistry and Biology Tutor, Historian of Alpha Lambda Delta: Freshman Honor Society, Member of Pre-Med Society and American Medical Students Association

Favorite Things to do in Free Time: I love being in the kitchen, baking and cooking for my roommates and when it's nice out I like walking around to see all the different dogs of Philadelphia!

Advice for Incoming Students: Come to college with an open mind! You never know who you’ll get along with until you get to know them. Be friendly to everyone and don’t be afraid to talk to strangers because everyone is in the same boat as you!

Dom Garcia

Dom Garcia

Hometown: Hamilton, NJ

Campus Involvement: Alliance, Pilipino Cultural Association, Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta: Freshman Honors Society, Honors Program, Student Research Society

Favorite things to do in Free Time: Hanging out with friends, listening to podcasts, reading, trying new food.

Advice for Incoming Students: Keep your head up and don't let initial bad grades get you down. Everyone has different ways to study, and it isn't impossible to bring your grade back up. Friends that you meet at orientation are great, but don't be afraid to reach out to clubs, fraternities, or other organizations to make as many connections as you can to find your niche. And don't forget that Philadelphia is more than just this campus! Explore, go see museums, and try new things. You never know what will happen when you step out of your comfort zone.

Joana Gjidede

Joana Gjidede

Hometown: Drexel Hill, PA

Campus Involvement: PCP-SSHP Class Representative, Student Government Asso

ciation Senator, USciences Student Ambassador, Circle K, PCP Student Council (Representative)

Favorite thing to do in free time: In my free time, I really enjoy exploring new things to do in the city, baking/cooking, eating, finding new places to eat, playing with all of the dogs that visit campus, and catching up on sleep:)

Advice for Incoming Students: College is a definitely a transition from high school that can be tough- but if you put yourself out there and step out of your comfort zone, it can (and should) be one of the best experiences of your entire life. Explore the city, meet new people, and be spontaneous- don't be afraid to try new things! The friends you make now will be with you for the rest of your life so find fun things to do with them when you're not studying or focusing on school. Classes are important to keep up with, grades should be at the top of your list, and staying on top of things is crucial (you won't be able to procrastinate like you did in high school, we all try it anyway, I promise it doesn't work), but make sure you're taking the time to enjoy college. Working hard is important, but taking the time to for yourself is too- the years fly by so make the most of them!

Jenny James

Jenny James

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Campus Involvement: Student Government Association, Alpha Lambda Delta: Freshman Honor Society, Chemistry Teaching Assistant, Peer Tutor, and iLead Leadership Scholar. 

Favorite things to do in Free Time: In my free time, I enjoy trying new food places with friends, catching up on my favorite shows, taking walks, petting dogs, and creating wall art I find on pinterest!

Advice for Incoming Students: Remember that you know yourself better than anyone. Be wise and make decisions according to what you want. You are going to be faced with many challenges and opportunities. Persevere through the challenges and welcome opportunities with open arms. Remember that everyone here wants you to succeed, so don’t be afraid to reach out for help when you need it. While you are studying hard for classes, don’t forget to have some fun. Go out and explore the city, join organizations, and get out of your comfort zone. Make the most out of your college experience and you will be sure to have a great time!

Sidra Kazmi

Sidra Kazmi

Hometown: Glassboro, NJ

Campus Involvement: Chair For APhA-ASP Generation Rx, StEPP Mentor, IPE Student, Alpha Sigma Tau

Favorite Things to do in Free Time: I love going to concerts, reading books, going to museums and exploring the city.

Advice for Incoming Students: My main piece of advice for incoming students is to take advantage of Philadelphia. Although this city may be new to you, there is so much to do and see. A lot of places have student specials or are completely free so it's definitely something to look into. College is all about balance so make sure to study hard but to also take advantage of your environment and location.

Kyle Lord

Kyle Lord

Hometown: Holmes, PA

Campus Involvement: ArRC Staff, Phi Kappa Psi, Intramural Basketball, and Intramural Volleyball

Favorite Things to do in Free Time: Hang out with my friends and fraternity brothers, and wander to different food places

Advice for Incoming Students: This first year is your most important year, it sets the foundation for the rest of your years of college. This doesn't mean just in terms of school, it includes making friends and setting yourself up for success. Even if your first year classes seem easy or are already things you have learned in high school, don't slack off and not study, use your first year to learn how to actually study.

Mikayla Measey

Mikayla Measey

Hometown: Burlington, NJ

Campus Involvement: Alpha Delta Theta, Phi Beta Lambda (FBLA Collegiate Chapter), Student Research Society, and Transfer-Tie In

Favorite things to do in free time: I love working out, seeing all the cute pups in Clark Park, and traveling around for bubble tea with my friends. I'm always down to listen to any kind of music and I'm ALWAYS watching The Office, even if it is my 100th time doing so.

Advice for Incoming Students: College is completely different than high school, but in the best way possible. Make sure you realize how important it is to stay organized and be on top of your school work, and don't stress too much about being in a new environment. Be yourself and find yourself, and you will find so many people to connect with and grow with. You only do college once... so go out, explore the city of Philadelphia, GET INVOLVED, and make everyday count.

Matt Moyer

Matt Moyer

Hometown: Perkiomenville, PA

Campus Involvement: Alpha Lambda Delta: Freshman Honor Society, USciences Honors Program, Rho Chi Honor Society, StEPP Mentor, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America Recruiter.

Favorite thing to do in free time: Hang out with siblings and friends, and snowboard.

Advice for Incoming Students: Of course study hard and make friends here, but don't forget your family and friends back home. They helped make you who you are today. Make an effort to stay close with those who matter to you.

Giancarlo Sicangco

Giancarlo Sicangco

Hometown: Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Campus Involvement: Public Relations Chair for the International Society, Public Relations Chair for the Pilipino Cultural Association, Secretary of Asian Student Association, Black Student Union, Food Recovery Network, and Library Student Worker.

Favorite things to do in Free Time: I enjoy looking for unique places to eat, exploring what the city has to offer, finding places that are still open at midnight when late-night studying, rewatching Game of Thrones, and making memories with friends.

Advice for Incoming Students: What I’ve learned is that you get back what you put in and that time management will be the most important skill to learn. Don’t let all the work pile up on you right before an exam because it will always hit you harder than you think! In order to be successful, be sure to surround yourself with people who are successful as well. Along with all that, don’t forget the friends and family you have back home!

Bobby Tompkins

Bobby Tompkins

Hometown: Mickleton, NJ

Campus Involvement: StePP mentor

Favorite thing to do in free time: Eat new and interesting foods around Philly! Exercise that food off, run new routes around the city (Schuylkill River trail!), explore new coffee shops, and hangout with friends and family.

Advice for Incoming Students: Your college experience is really going to be what you make of it. It is important to stay focused with work, but also try to get involved in some way to make your time more enjoyable here. Keep an open mind moving forward and remember this is a new start for you.


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