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200th Founders’ Day

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

A series of virtual activities honoring the bicentennial anniversary of the founding of University of the Sciences.

Alumni and Friends: Please join us as we launch a video stream from historic Carpenters' Hall in Philadelphia featuring speeches by our Honorary Degree Recipient and USciences President Paul Katz.

Students, Faculty, and Staff: Join us for a special Bicentennial virtual Founders’ Day Ceremony where Awards of Merit will be presented to Faculty, Staff, and Students. A video stream of speeches by our Honorary Degree Recipient and USciences President Paul Katz will be shared following the event. 

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About Founders' Day

Founders' Day at USciences recalls the University's establishment on Feb. 23, 1821. At that time, 68 prominent Philadelphia apothecaries met in Carpenters’ Hall to establish the basis for the improved scientific standards we enjoy today and to train more competent apprentices and students. They pledged “to invite a spirit of pharmaceutical investigation" and to guard the public from "the introduction of spurious, adulterated, deteriorated, or otherwise mischievous articles." A year later, they organized and incorporated the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy (PCP)—the first college of pharmacy in North America—now a part of University of the Sciences. The group ushered in a new era of the practice of pharmacy—the identification, selection, compounding, and analysis of drugs—and laid the foundation for a legacy of future advances and discoveries.

About Awards of Merit

The University continues a tradition that started in 2007 with the presentation of an Award of Merit to an undergraduate student, graduate student, staff member, and faculty member. The chosen individuals represent the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of the University's founders and have engaged in research or some form of scholarly pursuit that results in new developments or innovations.


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