About the Program

"Tackling Global Health in Our Own Backyard"

The intent of the lecture series is to address current issues facing public health practitioners and health policy makers in the global health arena. Global health, as defined by Koplan is "an area for study, research, and practice that places a priority on improving health and achieving health equity for all people worldwide." Most people think of global health as health in other nations. However, global health issues are right here in our own backyard. Dr. Brenner and his work at the Camden Coalition bring equity and access to care to the sickest residents of the city of Camden. His use of a searchable database, coupled with a cooperative care model wherein patients at high risk are identified and offered access to clinical services, results in a decrease in emergency room and hospital visits and a lower cost of care. This cooperative model uses community based doctors, hospital staff, and social workers to address basic medical and social needs before they become medical problems.


Welcome: Dr. Andrew M. Peterson, John Wyeth Dean
Keynote Presentation: Jeffrey Brenner, MD
Questions and Answers