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Coronavirus (COVID-19): The latest updates about USciences return to campus: The full plan for a phased return of employees and students:

From the President

Dr. Paul Katz
Dr. Paul Katz

Dear Alumni and Friends,

First and foremost, I hope that you and your families are healthy and well. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has certainly impacted us all in some way over the last few months, as it has everyone. 

As we prepare to mark University of the Sciences’ bicentennial in 2021, this year will stand apart as one where we met difficult challenges and overcame unprecedented obstacles to continue the mission of our University. A global pandemic is upon us and both the University and the nation have taken measures not seen in our lifetimes. However, one thing I’ve noted from interacting with our USciences community during this time is that we, both individually and as a USciences family, have adapted to changing circumstances and have risen to the occasion, taking on COVID-19 and helping each other and our communities. 

In the pages of this Bulletin, you’ll see many stories of alumni, students, faculty, and staff and how they have helped during these stressful times in their own ways. Be it creating hand sanitizer in their pharmacies, working on the front lines caring for patients, or donating what protective equipment they have to medical professionals in need, the character of the USciences family has shone through. We could not be more appreciative of the efforts of the many individuals who have demonstrated our USciences values.

I continue to marvel at the rapidity and care that our faculty exhibited as we moved to online learning – similarly, our students have responded well, as we knew they would. You’ll find an essay from Christine Flanagan, professor of English, in this issue. She eloquently describes this transition and what she learned from her students. 

We celebrated the Class of 2020 in an unconventional virtual Commencement Ceremony this May. These students are bright and energized as they enter the workforce or pursue further education, ready to combat the next health crisis that may arise. You’ll find more about that ceremony and have a chance to meet some members of the graduating class in this issue, too.

In my time as President, I have never been prouder of our University than I have been with the response of our family in the face of this challenge. You have again shown resilience, flexibility, and support of one another. USciences is indeed a special place, and I am grateful to be a part of this community. 

Let us all look to a better tomorrow together. Thank you and be well.

Paul Katz, MD

As Seen in The Bulletin, Vol. 106 No. 2

As Seen in The Bulletin

Vol. 106 No. 2