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From the Alumni Association President's Pen

Rosemarie Halt
Rosemarie Halt P’89

Dear Alumni and Friends,

During our last Alumni Association meeting, we discussed some exciting plans for the 2021 USciences Bicentennial Celebration. One underlying concept that came through is honoring the value of USciences and the alumni community. Alumni members across all generations from our golden graduates to our new graduates agree that their education at USciences provided them with tools for a successful career. 

This concept of the value of an USciences education started me reflecting on my own experiences at USciences. I came back to USciences twice -- first for my pharmacy degree and second for my master’s degree in public health. Both experiences certainly taught me the academic material I needed for my personal career path. But truthfully I could do that in any number of local institutions. What stands out to me is the secret sauce of an USciences education is its passion for excellence and determination to succeed. 

As the President of the Alumni Association, I have had the pleasure of speaking with many alumni members. What they have shared about their experience is the dedication of the faculty who often continue to mentor students post-graduation. I have heard about the historic past of USciences and how that high bar of excellence is passed down through the alumni to each other in their workplaces, professional associations, and alumni gatherings. Of course, the close friendships formed from the athletic programs, club organizations, greek life, and many other extracurricular activities add to the secret sauce of USciences. 

Perhaps the true ingredient of USciences secret sauce is from its founding in Carpenter’s Hall in 1821 where 68 Philadelphia apothecaries met to improve standards, train apprentices, and improve teaching, research, and service. It was a bold step as our nation was still in its infancy. Many obstacles stood in the way, including public health outbreaks, financial instability in the country, and internal battles in medical communities between surgeons, apothecaries, and the move from dispensaries to the emerging hospitals. They never faltered because of the collective determination to succeed. 

As alumni, we will certainly face many challenges ahead, certainly, our positions in the healthcare system will put us in the front line of the current public health concerns. I have no doubt my fellow USciences alumni are up for the challenge. I hope that we also keep in mind that our University has a vital role to play in the next 200 years of our professions, and like our founders, we will need the determination to continue to foster excellence at USciences.

Rosemarie O’Malley Halt 
Alumni President

As Seen in The Bulletin, Vol. 106 No. 2

As Seen in The Bulletin

Vol. 106 No. 2