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From the President

Dr. Paul Katz
Dr. Paul Katz

Dear Alumni and Friends,

We often hear from alumni and students that a USciences education is rigorous, which may be true, but for many it is a proving ground that provides for successful outcomes and careers. Our alumni and students take these experiences into their healthcare and science fields and are well prepared for the road ahead.

In this issue of the Bulletin, we will explore stories of grit, determination, and the resilient spirit that we often find in our alumni.

In our cover story, you’ll learn about Janki Patel and Brittany Smith, who graduated in 2012 from the masters of occupational therapy program. The alumnae have dedicated themselves to providing affordable care to pediatric clients seeking occupational and speech therapy services in New Jersey. In doing so, they ensure that families can get the care they need, no matter their income.

This determination to help others even in the most dire situations is nothing new. In another story, we mark the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, sharing the story of Joseph Kirby Corson, an 1858 graduate, who went on to serve with the 6th Pennsylvania Infantry Reserves and was one of the few pharmacists in history to be awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery in battle.

For most alumni entering the healthcare fields, they have a desire to help others. Melissa Akacha, a pharmacist from the class of 2014, helped a woman who was living in her car and in return found a beautiful friendship with Lynn Schultzman, a pharmacist from the class of 1972.

You’ll find many other stories in this vein throughout these pages. As we lead the University into the future, we seek to ensure these same values of determination and kindness are reflected in the next generation of graduates.

The University is looking ahead to the upcoming Bicentennial Celebration, and many fun-filled events are being planned for 2021. As we honor our legacy, we must also honor the values of the founders of the University, who sought to innovate education for healthcare providers. In doing so, we have established a new division of the University, USciences Online, which will bring the healthcare and science focused education that USciences offers to students at our University City campus, to students no matter where they live. You can read more about this division and Ron Kishen, the man tapped to lead this effort, in this issue.

As always, I thank you for your continued interest and ongoing support of USciences!


Paul Katz, MD

As Seen in The Bulletin, Vol. 106 No. 1

As Seen in The Bulletin

Vol. 106 No. 1