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From the Alumni Association President's Pen

Rosemarie Halt
Rosemarie Halt P’89

Get to know more about the new president of the USciences Alumni Association Board of Directors (AABOD): Rosemarie Halt P’89.

I was born in... Lansdowne, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, and if you are from the greater Philadelphia area, then you understand when I say I am a “DelCo Girl,” born, raised and still living in “DelCo.”

I wanted to grow up to be... a detective like Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot, character in the Agatha Christie novels that I loved. However, I found out that Agatha Christie was a pharmacist assistant in World War II and that put the thought into my head that a woman could be a pharmacist.

My favorite memory at USciences is... the friendships I made! I attended USciences twice; once for my pharmacy degree and the second time for my master’s degree in public health. Both times I had the pleasure of meeting amazing people from different cultures, backgrounds and personalities, all of whom have enriched my knowledge outside of the classroom.

The last book I read cover to cover is... Visionary Women by Andrea Barnet. As an avid reader, I have been in a book club that meets once a month for almost 20 years and just completed our 200th book.

The most challenging thing about my job is... working with policymakers, especially in the current political environment. I am the policy director for a nonprofit Maternity Care Coalition.

My plan for the AABOD is... to strengthen the infrastructure of the board, which includes outreach and engagement of alumni so they feel a part of the University post-graduation. The AABOD helps with the reunion and 200th Anniversary, building the young alumni network, and developing a long term sustainability plan with our Growth and Development committee. Another goal is to have alumni helping alumni beyond professional networking, for example helping fellow alumni facing problems such drug and alcohol recovery, homelessness, or struggling with long term health issues. The USciences community has always been caring and compassionate, which I think is something that we really need to highlight more.

When people tell me they want to get more involved with the University... I want to hug them and then I tell them to join a board committee, volunteer at an alumni event, or connect with faculty to help mentor students in various curricula. Of course it’s important to donate to the University to help maintain and grow it for another 200 years!

The most famous person I’ve met is... Will Smith. He is the bomb! In my job I have met senators, governors, mayors etc., but he is the person who really got me excited.

For me, USciences, in a word, is... extraordinary.

As Seen in The Bulletin, Vol. 106 No. 1

As Seen in The Bulletin

Vol. 106 No. 1