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From the President

Dr. Paul Katz
Dr. Paul Katz

Dear Alumni and Friends,

The impact of USciences is vast and far-reaching. From our faculty researchers creating progress and innovation to our students as they touch the lives of those in the community, and our alumni who make their mark on the science and healthcare industries every day, the University community has a profound effect on the lives it touches.

In this issue of The Bulletin, you will find the USciences impact encapsulated.

You may already know alumna and board of trustees’ member Lucy Malmberg, but in our cover story, you’ll learn about her personal struggle as a stowaway smuggled on a plane to America by her parents, who were refugees fleeing their native Ukraine, and how she chose her healthcare career. Malmberg also shares what drives her to give back to USciences today. Her dedication to helping others enjoy the American Dream is truly inspiring.

You’ll read about how generous gifts to the University totaling $1 million in 2018 are helping to deliver potential, drive innovation, and empower future leaders. We will hear from Rohan Nainan, a student from Philadelphia, who, thanks to a new scholarship, has the opportunity for an education he wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford and how you can support a student scholarship, too.

You’ll be proud to learn about aspiring biologist Kent Pham who was the student researcher behind an innovative new product that was recently patented and licensed that helps to detect contaminants in the brewing process. This innovation is poised to save the brewing industry millions of dollars.

We will take a closer look at other research going on in the University’s colleges, catching up with faculty members Carol Maritz, Christopher Janetopoulos, and George Downs as part of a new feature showcasing faculty research dubbed "Under the Microscope."

We are also taking a closer look at the evolution of the community pharmacy. We had an informative discussion with Jocelyn Konrad, executive vice president of pharmacy and retail operations at Rite Aid, about how she sees the future of community pharmacy in America and how she is leading her organization to confront tough challenges. And Amina Abubakar will share how she is working with the changing insurance landscape to increase the role of community pharmacists in healthcare while ensuring that pharmacies remain viable businesses.

I know that many more alumni are having an impact in their own ways, and that is why we say our graduates are Proven Everywhere they go. I thank you for your ongoing interest in and support of USciences!


Paul Katz, MD

As Seen in The Bulletin, Vol. 105 No. 2

As Seen in The Bulletin

Vol. 105 No. 2