Writing and Rhetoric Students Learn to Write for Real Audiences

Written by Janina Levin
Published on March 27, 2018

Writing and Rhetoric II focuses on helping students write for real audiences.  Each spring semester students learn a situation-sensitive awareness of issues in their local communities and nurture the research and writing skills they need to transform their ideas into opinion articles which may be submitted to local publications. 

Focusing on the research and writing process gives students enough time and guidance to produce their very best work. This semester six students in Dr. Janina Levin’s class had their work published, including:

Christopher Dolce BI’21, had his op-ed published on northjersey.com. Dolce explains why controlled deer hunting should be allowed in parts of New Jersey where deer populations are high. Dolce’s grandfather, who was a hunter, inspired him to think about the debate.

Gillian Black BI’21, will have her op-ed about the dangers of drinking too much milk published by The Washington Township Sun.  After doing research on the body’s absorption of calcium in milk, she wanted to inform the public that milk may not be as good for our bones as people think and that there are other alternatives to building strong bones.

Maria Appel BMS’21, will have her op-ed arguing for alternatives to letter grades published by The Washington Township Sun.  Appel argues mastery-based learning may be a better solution than traditional grading to help students focus on learning rather grades.

Han Le PharmD’23, had her letter to the editor published in the Frederick News Post. Le urged Americans to think more objectively about Donald Trump, focusing on both his good and bad qualities.

Jonathan Epstein BMS’21, had his letter to the editor published in the Delaware News Journal. Epstein argued that the federal government should be more involved in stopping out-of-state air pollution in Delaware, a topic he feels strongly about as a Delaware resident.

Richard Mitkowski BC‘21 had his op-ed published in The Citizens Voice. Mitkowski raises the question of conflicting federal and state laws, which make it difficult for Pennsylvania residents who need medical marijuana to own guns.

Justin Nguyen PharmD'23, a student in a different section of Writing and Rhetoric II, had his editorial published in the Michigan Journal.  Nguyen's letter was titled "A reflection on Kim Jong-hyn and mental health."

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