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Writing and Rhetoric Students Encouraged to Write Op-Eds to Hometown Papers

Written by Janina Levin
Published on April 29, 2019

Writing and Rhetoric II focuses on helping students write for real audiences.  Each spring semester students learn a situation-sensitive awareness of issues in their local communities and nurture the research and writing skills they need to transform their ideas into opinion articles which may be submitted to local publications.

Focusing on the research and writing process gives students enough time and guidance to produce their very best work. This semester four students in Dr. Janina Levin’s class had their work published, including:

David Tomlinson Neuro’22 wrote an op-ed that was published on about the Upper Darby teachers’ protest. Tomlinson said he questions the school leaders, like in-county superintendents, who are happy taking six-figure salaries while highly-qualified teachers are fighting for a fair salary and leaving when they don’t receive it.  

Brittany McGlone MB’22 had her op-ed on the economic drain of anti-vaxxing published on She said personal beliefs should not be enough as a reason for people not to receive vaccinations, something that protects people from illness, keeping everyone’s medical costs down.

Marissa Tumasz Neuro’22 sent her letter to the editor to the Bucks County Courier Times who published it online. Tumasz wrote about the need for stricter gun control as a way of preventing those with dementia from acting unpredictably. Tumasz references a law that placed restrictions on elderly gun owners, but said the problem lies with private sales that do not require a background check.

Kaitlin Williams Bio’22 sent an op-ed that was published in on about farmers’ use of antibiotics on livestock. She wrote if farmers would stop using antibiotics daily and instead use them on an as-need basis, it could help lessen the chance of antibiotic resistant bacteria strands. Williams is a farmer who raises cattle, goats, sheep and rabbits; She shared a story of antibiotic use on a sick calf and its inability to save the animal as well as its prevention from then using the meat for dog food.

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