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Virtual Physics Demonstrations Show the “Physics of Heat”

Published on March 29, 2021

STEM Demonstrations

Over 130 students from surrounding area high schools, as well as USciences students and students from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, attended a virtual physics outreach event entitled “What’s Hot with Physics.”

This virtual program was in celebration of women’s history month and consisted of interactive physics demonstrations led by members of USciences’ award-winning chapter of the Society of Physics Students (SPS). These demonstrations followed the theme “Physics of Heat,” and SPS students used common household materials to show principles of heat conduction, melting, boiling, and gas expansion. 

These demonstrations were followed by a Virtual Plant Tour and Women-in-STEM Forum led by women scientists and engineers from Puratos Corporation in Pennsauken, NJ. A female-led team from Puratos R&D emphasized the role of physics of heat, fluid dynamics, and optics in day-to-day operations. Live demonstrations in food science included tests of dips for donuts, the effect of heat on color, integrity, texture, and food safety of fruit fillings, and temperature control of products in the manufacturing line. The highly interactive presentation emphasized the role of women in STEM and physics in the manufacturing industry.

This outreach was a partnership between the Society of Physics Students, the Physics Wonder Girls Program, and Puratos Corporation, and was funded by a Future Faces of Physics grant from the American Institute of Physics.

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