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USciences Title IX Coordinator Featured on ASCA Viewpoints Podcast

Written by Nicole Carrera
Published on April 13, 2020

Jessica White Rickmond and Dr. Kyle WilliamsJessica White Rickmond, Title IX coordinator and chair of the Community of Practice for Sexual Misconduct for the Association for Student Conduct Administration (ASCA), was recently featured on ASCA’s official podcast to discuss a presentation she gave at the organization’s annual conference titled “Black Bodies in Title IX.” After the conference, Rickmond was interviewed by Alexandra Hughes on ASCA’s official podcast. In the interview, she calls Title IX her passion and shares that her mission is to make sure students in Title IX cases are being heard and understood equally. 

Jessica White Rickmond and Dr. Kyle WilliamsIn collaboration with Kyle Williams, EdD, associate director of student conduct and community standards at Washington University in St. Louis, the presentation focused on racial myths in rape culture, specifically black individuals, and how historical influences impact current issues. Finally, the presentation looked forward to how new policies can be put into place to support inclusivity and equity of black students who may be involved in a sexual misconduct situation. Rickmond notes that while a Title IX Office provides fair process to all individuals, it is important to recognize the individual experiences of each party. 

In addition to “Black Bodies in Title IX”, Rickmond also presented at a pre-conference session. This presentation, titled “Rose Colored Glasses to Build a Culturally Competent Sexual Misconduct Process”, which had a similar focus to the previously mentioned session, but explored rape culture in the lives of students of color including Latinx, Black, Asian, and Native American individuals.

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