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USciences Holds Science Communication Workshop

Published on December 20, 2019

CUR SpeakerFranklin Institute's (FI) Director of Science Content Jayatri Das, PhD spoke to an audience of over 60 students on December 5, 2019. Dr. Das - who is also FI's chief bio-scientist, emphasized the importance of communicating science and research effectively to specific audiences. 

The one-hour workshop, organized by the Center for Undergraduate Research Director Roberto Ramos, PhD, consisted of several hands-on exercises in listening, reflecting, expressing, and story-telling. 

The event demonstrated how we often take for granted the listener, the message and our method of delivery - often taken for granted, and taught the audience how to do this thoughtfully and effectively. The Science Communication Workshop - the first such workshop at USciences, was made possible by an IREG Grant to Dr. Ramos by the Charles Kaufman Foundation, a supporting organization of the Pittsburgh Foundation.

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