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USciences Biology Research Published in Journal of Cell Science

Published on September 13, 2017

Luca Sardo, a postdoctoral fellow in the department of biological sciences, was the lead author of an article that his lab, led by Zachary Klase PhD, published in the Journal of Cell Science.

The article entitled “Real-time visualization of chromatin modification in isolated nuclei” detailed the lab’s work to observe changes of endogenous chromatic in real-time by isolating transcriptionally competent nuclei from cells and using antibody staining without fixation to visualize changes in endogenous chromatin.  This method allows the real-time addition of drugs and fluorescent probes to one or more nuclei while under microscopy observation. 

Sardo was joined on the article by Angel Lin PhD’20, post doctoral researcher Svetlana Khakhina, Lucas Beckman BI’17, Luis Ricon PH/TX’16, Weam Elbezanti PhD’19, Tara Jaison BI’17, associate professor of biological sciences Christopher Janetopoulos PhD, and Dr. Klase.

Sardo was featured in the Journal of Cell Science’s new feature about the authors behind their articles, dubbed “First Person.”

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