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USciences’ Alumni Association: 166 Years of Mutual Improvement

Written by Casey Ryan
Published on May 17, 2021

The Alumni Association was founded in practice by the senior student of the class of 1855 and followed by succeeding classes of students who sought “mutual improvement” and “exchanging items of practical information.” 

The ad hoc organizations would be organized and disbanded at the close of each year until 1864 when an effort was successful to inaugurate a permanent alumni association. The first meeting was held on the evening of July 15, 1864. 

The organization elected officers and passed a constitution and bylaws that were then printed and mailed to graduates of the college, inviting them to become members. The Association resolved to advance the profession of pharmacy, the continued excellence of social relations between classmates, and promote the interests of their Alma Mater. From 21 members in 1864 the organization has grown to represent the thousands of alumni since. 

The Alumni Association was critical in aiding in the expansion of the University, raising money to help renovate and purchase new facilities, including laboratories and financially supporting students. The organization also began hosting monthly social meetings to keep connections between graduates. An Alumni Report was issued annually to keep in touch with those unable to attend social meetings.

Today’s modern Alumni Association meets several times each year to discuss happenings at the University and provide educational and social opportunities to alumni.

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