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The Bicentennial Scholarship: Alumni Support Students

Written by By Kimberly Barkhamer
Published on May 17, 2021

On February 23, 2021, the 200th anniversary of our founding, USciences kicked off a year-long celebration. While the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed some plans – virtual events have replaced in-person activities – the legacy of our founders is ever-present in a new commitment to science education: the Bicentennial Scholarship.

Rob Rudd, Vice President of Institutional Advancement spoke with many donors in preparation for the Bicentennial year. 

“We asked questions about what kind of impact they wanted to have, and the predominant answer was helping current and future students,” he said. “Our alumni are proud of the education they received here, and they want to ensure others have the same opportunity.”

The Bicentennial Scholarship is a unique opportunity to name a scholarship for $1,821 (the amount represents our founding year). Each scholarship is awarded to an incoming first-year student that shows exceptional promise and has financial need. Donors will be introduced to their namesake scholar in the Fall of 2021. 

“These one-time awards are meaningful to students because of what they signify,” said Patti Vanston, Vice President of Enrollment Management. “The Bicentennial Scholarship is a wonderful way to honor our past while connecting alumni with exceptional students,” she continued.

Philanthropy is a way for alumni to express their passion for the university, said Rudd. “Over the past year, all of my phone calls with donors centered around making sure students who want to be here get to stay here despite the financial and logistical challenges of learning in this environment,” he said. The Bicentennial Scholarship campaign raised over $60,000 in the first month.

If you are interested in naming a Bicentennial Scholarship, please contact Rob Rudd in the Office of Institutional Advancement at or make a gift online at 

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