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ROTC Students Soared In Advanced Camps

Published on December 8, 2017

Two ROTC students from USciences reached major accomplishments in their training this summer. 

Lauren Kaminski PharmD' 21 was accepted and participated in Airborne School, a unique experience requiring special dedication and desire to be challenged mentally and physically. The three-week course, also known as Basic Airborne Course, teaches soldiers the techniques involved in parachuting from airplanes and landing safely. Kaminski completed five non-assisted jumps and received her wings. 

Sara Berner PA'18 completed advanced camp at Fort Knox, Kentucky. The course trains ROTC Cadets to Army standards to develop their leadership skills and to evaluate their officer potential. Berner plans to commission as a US Army Field Artillery Officer, making her the first female from the Drexel Army ROTC, the program that USciences is a part of, to go into a combat arms branch. 

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