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Physics Students Share Passion for Science with High School Students

Written by Roberto Ramos
Published on April 23, 2019

USciences Physics Students working with Upper Darby StudentsPhysics majors used optics to promote physics and STEM to the highly diverse high school student body at Upper Darby High School.

Funded by a $500 Future Faces of Physics grant from the American Institute of Physics, a team of six USciences physics majors led by project leader and junior Despina Nakos brought optics demonstration equipment and materials to inspire several high school physics classes to help students understand the behavior of light and appreciate its applications in everyday life such as holograms, spectroscopy, fluorescence, and invisibility.

USciences students at Upper Darby HSOther physics majors included juniors Steven Simpkins, Gopal Goberdhan, seniors Brett Conti, Alyssa Petroski, and sophomore Matthew Becker.

The USciences SPS Chapter has been consistently awarded Outstanding SPS Chapter in the Pennsylvania/Delaware/New Jersey over the last three years by the American Institute of Physics.

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