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Physics Professor and Students Present at Largest Virtual Conference of Physicists

Published on March 23, 2021

Faculty and students from Misher College’s physics program presented at the 2021 March meeting of the American Physical Society. This is the largest meeting of physicists in the United States, with over 11,000 physicists in attendance. 

Roberto Ramos, PhD, associate professor of physics, gave a talk on “High Resolution Measurements of the Superconducting Energy Gaps of Asymmetrical all-MgB2 Thin Film Josephson Junctions", and a poster on "A Free Renewable Energy and Quantum Physics-based Summer Camp for Middle School Girls".

Student presentations included “Design and Construction of Electronics for Measuring Superconducting-to-Normal State Switching Statistics of a Josephson junction" by Erik Cauley, "How to do Physics Outreach during the COVID Pandemic" by Dan Ashley-Faunin, and "Investigation by Undergraduates of the Superconducting Energy Gap of Ph-Doped and Co-Doped Iron Pnictides at 2-24 Kelvin" by Keeran Ramanathan. 

The presentations by the USciences physics team was made possible by a grant from the Charles Kaufman Foundation.

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