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Physics Majors Presents "Sounds of Science" Virtual Outreach to K-12 Students

Published on May 19, 2021

A team of USciences physics majors held a virtual physics outreach to an audience of nearly 100 high school, middle school, and home-schooled students.This presentation was made possible through a $500 grant from the Society of Physics Students (SPS)-American Institute of Physics. 

USciences student representatives shared interactive demonstrations to show the physics of acoustics, including “singing wine glasses”, tuning forks, and multiple brass musical instruments. Among those students was USciences SPS chapter President Keeran Ramanathan PHYS’22, Vice President Dan Fauni PHYS’23, and SGA representative Nell Grabowski PHYS’23. 

Despite the pandemic, this was the third virtual student outreach event conducted this year by the USciences chapter of the Society of Physics Students under the advisement of Roberto Ramos, PhD, associate professor of physics.

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