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Physics Faculty Presents at Physics Educators Conference

Published on January 18, 2022

Dr. Ramos' Presentation

Associate Professor of Physics Roberto Ramos, PhD, recently gave two oral presentations at the 2022 Virtual Winter Meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT). This meeting, held on January 8, 2022, is the largest national meeting of physics educators. 

The first of Dr. Ramos’ presentations, entitled “Student Storytelling in Physics Courses to Promote Engagement and Diversity”, discussed the impact of storytelling on student engagement in four physics courses taught by Dr. Ramos in the past year. Dr. Ramos shared physicist profiles in class using the four C’s of storytelling: context, character, conflict, and conquest. By doing this, Dr. Ramos found that many students reported identifying their personal experiences and relating themselves to physicists with similar backgrounds. 

Dr. Ramos’ second presentation, “Renewable Energy-based Physics Outreach Events during the Covid Pandemic,” described the successes of the Virtual Physics Girls Camp and High School Outreach with the theme of renewable energy, including the key ingredient of having hands-on kits to promote engagement and assimilation.

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