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Physician Assistant Week Celebrated at USciences

Published on November 10, 2017

PA students volunteer at the Ronald McDonald HouseOn September 29, students of USciences PA program cooked dinner for the families at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House. This event involved collecting the ingredients for the meal, prepping the food ahead of time, and serving the food to the families. The meal was prepared to feed a total of 90 people.

 After serving dinner the students were able to sit with the families and spend time talking with the parents and interacting with the children. It was a great opportunity to step away from classes and give of our time and resources to families in need. 

Furness SchoolOn October 12, students split up into groups and presented to several classes at Springfield High School in Springfield, PA and Horace Howard Furness High School in South Philadelphia, PA. The presentation was geared towards raising awareness of the physician assistant profession, as well as providing details of the scope of practice of PAs.

 Following the presentation, the students were engaged in a brief, fun activity where they wereshown how to perform physical exam skills that PAs commonly perform in practice including auscultating for heart and breath sounds, dilating pupils, looking at TM, etc. The students were given an opportunity to try out the exams on the PA students as well as their classmates. 

PA students speak at Springfield High School Finally, the students participated in a quick trivia game and they were awarded prizes including USciences PA week t-shirts, mugs, and pens. The students were able to ask any and all questions that they had about the profession, while learning about it in a fun and exciting way.

 Additionally, the students attended the annual Pennsylvania Society of Physician Assistants (PSPA) conference for one day and competed in the Challenge Bowl – a medical knowledge-based competition between PA schools in Pennsylvania. Our students were awarded the Spirit Award at this event.

 An application for a PSPA Student Leader Philanthropic Endowment was submitted and approving, awarding the PA Student Society with $250. This award recognizes the hard work and motivation of the PA students in charitable projects outside of the rigorous didactic and clinical coursework.

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