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Philadelphia College of Pharmacy Students Present at National Conference

Published on January 31, 2020

PCP students at ASHPThirty-five students from Philadelphia College of Pharmacy presented at the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists’ Mid-Year Clinical Meeting from December 8 to December 12 in Las Vegas, NV. 

The student presenters were the largest group of attendees that Philadelphia College of Pharmacy had sent to the conference in four years. 

Presentations included

Alicia Alex “A comparative analysis of pharmaceutical print ads in the New England Journal of Medicine between 1990 and 2015”

Ugonna Amadiegwu, Jessica Ihem, Melissa Vargas “Assessment of Students’ Perception regarding Interprofessional Education following an Interprofessional Medication Mission Trip to Jamaica”

Kayla Askey “Exploring Pharmacists’ Intention to Dispense Buprenorphine for Opioid Use Disorder using the Theory of Planned Behavior”

Patrick Carr “Eravacycline for Treatment of Multiple-drug Resistant Acinobacter Healthcare Acquired Pneumonia:  A Case Report”

Alexandra Cerino, Andrej Quatrone, Eric Stratoti, Yiming Zhang “Counseling Caregivers on the Utilization of Pediatric Dosing Instruments during a Medical Mission Trip to Jamaica”

Karissa Chow, Monica Nguyen “Feasability of Implementing a Pharmacy-driven Medication Education Program in Hepatopancreatobiliary Pateints”

Brian Connolly “Evaluation of the Impact of Interprofessional Enhanced Adherence Support on Virologic Suppression in HIV Late Presenters”

Stephanie Cybulski “Retrospective Comparison of Vancomycin Dosing Recommendations using a Trough-based Protocol versus AUC/MIC Based Dosing”

Melissa Dang “Impact of Obesity on Glycemic Control in Adult Hospitalized Patients Initiated on Parenteral Nutrition”

Jaden Daubert “Utilizing Advance Pharmacy Practice Experience Students to Increase Nephropathy Quality Metric”

Nicholas Ferraro “Characteristics and Outcomes of Patients who Inject Drugs and Develop Endocarditis”

Paul Fimorgnar, Regan Asay, Anthony Knarr, Mina Awad “Y-site Administration of Imipenen/Cilastatin/Relebactam with Selected Intravenous Antibiotics:  A Stewardship Approach”

Jessica Fraone, Alexus Rivas “Comparison of LACE-rt and MEDCOINS in Identifying Patients for Pharmacy Student-led Transitions of Care Services”

Vidhi Gandhi “Evaluating the Impact of a Targeted Naloxone Protocol on Naloxone Dispensing for High Risk Patients in a Community Pharmacy Setting”

Emily Huynh, Yujin Jang, Eunice Won “Description of Medical Conditions, Occupational Therapy Interventions, and Pharmacotherapy Needs on a Team Medical Mission Trip to Guatemala”

Sophonny Huynh “Assessing the Knowledge of Proper Nutrition among Patients in Guatemala”

Gianna Iantosca, Christina Haddad, Kathleen Macalalag “Impact of Student Pharmacist-led Training on Long-term Care Staff’s Knowledge of Ophthalmic  Medication Administration”

Whitney Ly “Gender Differences in Student Pharmacist Anxiety Levels during First Advanced Cardiac Life Support Simulation in a Critical Care Therapeutics Elective Course”

Sarah Mahmoud, Daniel Leehan, Sonia Jacob, Maria Tomoiaga “Implentation of Point of Care Hemoglobin A1C Testing on a Medical Mission Trip to Jamaica”

Tiddy Mauti “Comparison of Initial Vancomycin Dosing Practices when Treating Staphylococcus aureus Bacteremia (SA-B) in Persons who Inject Drugs”

Brianna Mengini “Safety of Administering Tamsulosin via Feeding Tube”

Hajar Mokhlis, Asish Biju “Analyzing the Change in Perceptions of Occupational Therapy and Pharmacy Students on Each Other’s’ Professions Pre and Post an Interprofessional Medical Mission Trip”

Bianca Nguyen, Kathleen Macalalag “Preceptors’ Perceptions of a Competency Driven Curriculum on Pharmacy Students’ Performance in Community Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences”

Lindsay Okubo “Evaluation of Direct Oral Anticoagulant (DOAC) Prescribing in a Community Teaching Hospital Setting”

Brielle Okulicz, Jaden Daubert, Primal Patel “Utilizing Pharmacy Students to Impact Readmission Rates Invollving High-Risk Adult Populations in an Acute Care Inpatient Setting”

Sarah Park “Interprofessional Implementation of an Electronic Medication Scheduling Program in Patients with Spinal Cord Injuries:  A Case Report”

Shivangi Patel “Concordance between MRSA Screen and Respiratory Culture Results in Patients Admitted to the ICU”

Dwipi Patel, Minkyung Kim, Jordan Heldman “Effect of a Community Pharmacy Technician-led Transitions of Care Program:  Medication Delivery and Telephonic Outreach to Reduce Readmission Rates”

Darshi Patel “Social Media Time-Series Analysis of Cancer Awareness Events”

Joyce Ren “Evaluation of Health Care Professional Marketing Expenditures”

Eric Simpson, Kayla Ojeda, Jasmine Delk “Brief Screening to Identify Guatemalan Adultss with Limited Health Literacy Skills”

Mily Shah “The Effect of the THC:CBD Ratio of Medical Cannabis on Patients’ Self-Reporting of Pain Relief”

Amber Ucci “Alemtuzumab versus Anti-thymocyte Globulin for Induction Therapy in Kidney and Kidney-Pancreas Transplant Patients”

Joel Varghese, Elizabeth DeMarco “Hyperbuilirubinemia with the Administration of a Four-oil Lipid Emulsion:  A Retrospective Analysis in Pediatric Patients”

Christine Xu “The Impact of a Community Pharmacy Technician “Meds to Beds” Delivery Program to High Risk Patients upon Discharge”

Ali Zerafati “Reversible Cerebral Vasospasm Syndrome due to Marijuana Exposure”

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