Pharmacy Faculty, Staff Presentations, Publications, and Achievements

Published on January 23, 2019

Suzanne Carbonaro, director of assessment, was invited to speak at the IMS Global Learning Consortium Quarterly Meeting and Digital Credentials Summit, which will be held in February 2019 in Scottsdale/Tempe Arizona where she will share work related to competency-driven curriculum and program assessment.

Dean Ed Foote PharmD delivered the keynote address at the DVSHP Student Poster Presentation Night on November 27, 2018.

Michael Cawley PharmD, professor of clinical pharmacy, had his article “Good Neighbor Pharmacy: A Potential Role Model for community Pharmacy?” published in Managed Health Care Connect.

Grace Earl PharmD, associate professor of clinical pharmacy, published "PCSK9 inhibitors: add on therapy to reduce stroke" in Nursing 2018 Critical Care

Brooklyn Cobb PharmD, assistant professor of clinical pharmacy, was named secretary and Justin Delic PharmD, assistant professor of clinical pharmacy, named treasurer of the Mid-Atlantic College of Clinical Pharmacy for 2019.

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