Pharmacy Faculty and Student Presentations and Publications

Published on January 30, 2018

  • Dan Hussar gave a presentation, “New Drug Update 2017,” at the annual meeting of the American Society Consultant Pharmacists in Orlando on November 5.  His paper, “New Drugs 2017:  Part 3,” has been published in the November issue of Nursing 2017.  The November issue of his newsletter, The Pharmacist Activist, includes his editorial, “The Independent Community Pharmacist Summit on Strategy, Structure, and Survival (ICPSSSS),” and a new drug review of glecaprevir/pibrentasvir.
  • Bin Chen co-authored a study “Targeting phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase signaling pathway for therapeutic enhancement of vascular-targeted photodynamic therapy” published in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. 2017, 16: 2422-31. Daniel Kraus PhD’17 and Pratheeba Palasuberniam PhD’17, graduate students in Chen’s lab, were co-authors on the article.
  • Bin Chen authored “Chapter 14: Vascular Imaging in Photodynamic Therapy” in Michael R. Hamblin & Ying-Ying Huang (Editors), Imaging in Photodynamic Therapy, CRC Press Taylor & Francis Books Inc. 2017.
  • The New Jersey Pharmacy Journal reprised an article for the Fall 2017 issue.  Readers can earn ACPE continuing education credit as a home study program. A Systematic Review of current eHealth Technologies that foster Medication Adherence can be accessed in the fall journal  issue or the homestudy program at  The article was written by USciences student and faculty:  Gino Sinigaglio PharmD’16,  Aakash Ghandi PharmD’17,  and Rima Patel MS’17 and  Grace Earl.
  • Laura Waite, Alice Lim, and DianeHadley’s article Innovative Approaches to Teaching Dyslipidemia in a Required Pharmacy Therapeutics Sequence was included  in  AJPE in October.
  • Lora Packel and Diane E. Hadley authoredAn innovative Interprofessional Simulation: Preparing students to Tackle the Challenge of Care Transitions.” The article was included in January edition of Health and Interprofessional Practice.
  • Acro Pharmaceutical Services’ 11th Annual Symposium on Payer/ Managed Care Strategies for Speciality Medications, which occurred from December 13th through 14th, 2017, was recently featured Speicalty Pharmacy Times. The February 19, 2018 article highlighted the participation of Philip Gerbino, former President of Emeritus of the University of the Sciences, who moderated the panel discussion. The multidisciplinary panel included leaders from several industries including specialty pharmacy, academia, payer, and the pharmaceutical industry. The panel opened a dialog with the audience where they were presented with questions and provided responses on hot topics such as biosimilars, high drug prices, breaking away from the traditional PBM model, and data’s role in the delivery of quality care. 
  • PCP alumnus, Joshua Garcia PharmD’15, along with colleagues from other institutions, Katherine Gruenberg, Lynn Nguyen, and Conan MacDougall, had their paper, “Multidrug-Resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infections: Hard to Treat, But Hope on the Horizon?,” published in Current Infectious Diseases Reports. 

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