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PCP May 2017 Presentations, Publications, and Honors

Published on May 18, 2017

Valerie Ganetsky, PharmD, served as primary author on an abstract titled “LPN-Led Hypertension and Insulin Titration Protocols at the Urban Health Institute" that was invited to be an oral presentation at the Society of General Internal Medicine conference in Washington, DC, on April 21, 2017. The additional authors included two Cooper University Hospital colleagues, Rachel Adams, APN and Steven Kaufman, MD. This was truly a collaborative effort that included several PGY2 Pharmacotherapy Residents and APPE students that helped create the medication titration protocols and provide weeks of education to the LPNs on insulins and antihypertensive agents as well as appropriate use of the protocols.

Dr. Ganetsky was also the primary author on a paper titled ‘Specialty Group Medical Visits for Patients with Diabetes’ published in Clinical Diabetes. Coauthors on this paper included Drs. Jeffrey Brenner and Steven Kaufman. This article was also selected to be published in print later this year in the journal’s first special-topic issue on patient-centered care.

Dr. Ganetsky’s proposal, “Barriers and Facilitators to Glycemic Control and Engagement in a Specialty Diabetes Group Medical Visit Model: A Qualitative Study in a Vulnerable, Underserved Population” has been awarded a Milton Lev Memorial Faculty Research Fund grant.

Jessica Adams, PharmD, was also awarded a Milton Lev Memorial Faculty Research Fund grant for her proposal, “Evaluation of the impact of interprofessional enhanced adherence support on virologic suppression in HIV late presenters.”
Yardlee Kauffman, MPH, PharmD, presented “Provider Perspectives on Building Patient Care Partnerships with Community Pharmacists” at the Public Health Symposium at the College of Physicians.

Dr. Kauffman and Nick Owens, PharmD, presented the poster "Care Flow Strategies to Improve Quality of Care and Interprofessional Education in a Student-Run Clinic" at the National Academies of Practice Annual Meeting in Philadelphia from March 17-18, 2017, and the Association for Prevention Teaching & Research Annual Meeting in Savannah, GA, from April 5-7, 2017.

Angela Bingham, PharmD, recently contributed to an article in Pharmacy Practice News, “Filling Parenteral Nutrition Education Gap Can Be a Lifesaving Effort,” regarding a presentation at the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Clinical Nutrition Week in Orlando, FL.

Daniel Ventricelli, MPH, PharmD, presented “Pharmacists and Prescribers as a Team” at the National Rx Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit in Atlanta, GA, on April 18, 2017. Dr.  Ventricelli also presented alongside Dr. Nicholas Hagemeier with their presentation, “Don't Call Me, I'll Call You: Addressing Barriers to Collaboration Among Buprenorphine Providers and Community Pharmacists” at the conference.

Professor Erdem Buyukbingol of faculty of pharmacy, Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey is visiting Ade Adejare, PhD, lab for the summer. The two have been collaborating for two decades on drug design, syntheses, and pharmacological activities in the areas of Alzheimer’s disease and antioxidants. The collaboration has resulted in several meeting presentations, publications and grants.

Meeting Presentation:  Nadine Filemban PhSci'17, Jason Wallach, Michael Dybek, Tristan Colestock, Matthew Mansi and Adeboye Adejare, “The Analysis and Pharmacology of the Dissociative “Legal Highs”, Undergraduate Research at the Capitol, Harrisburg, PA, April 25, 2017.

Publication: Yuren Wang, Jason Wallach, Stephanie Duane, Yuan Wang, Jianghong Wu, Jeffrey Wang, Adeboye Adejare and Haiching Ma; "Developing selective histone deacetylases (HDACs) inhibitors through ebselen and analogs"; Drug Design, Development and Therapy 2017:11 1369–1382.

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