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National Newsletter of Physics Honor Society Features USciences Chapter and Physics Alumna

Published on November 27, 2017

Radiations - the national newsletter of the Sigma Pi Sigma National Physics Honor Society featured the new USciences chapter of the physics honor society  and a physics alumna, in two separate articles in its Fall 2017 issue.
In one article, Dr. Roberto Ramos, advisor of the new honor society chapter, described how the chapter's induction ceremony for which he obtained a $500 Sigma Pi Sigma grant to organize in the Spring of 2017, was designed to catalyze "the connection between students, faculty, administration, and these (physics) professionals".
The second article entitled "The Medical Physicist" featured medical physicist Melissa Lamberto - a USciences BS Physics alumna working at Pinnacle Health's Cancer Center. Lamberto described her life as a medical physicist and how she uses her BS Physics training as a foundation to treat cancer patients with radiation from a linear accelerator or with brachytherapy.

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