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Mathematics Students Present at Regional Meeting

Published on January 31, 2020

Fourteen students participated in the EPaDel Fall 2019 Discrete Math meeting at DeSales University on November 9, 2019. The meeting is the regional section of the Mathematics Association of America. All of the students had Salar Alsardary, PhD, professor of mathematics, as their faculty sponsor. 

Student presentations included: 

Aubrey Schall, Halee Kemper: Carl Fridrich Gauss’ Contributions to Mathematics

Benjamin Skultety, Christopher Blum: 20 Moves or Less: God's Number

Dhruv Dhingani, Chance Mezzaroba, Shabnoor Begum: The Use of Discrete Mathematics in Cryptology

Kyle Brunner, Maria Bouda: Applications of Matrices in Chemistry Topics

Steven Simpkins, Steven Boothe, Mathew Becker: Shor's algorithm

Teresa Simon , Shea Moore: Using Graph Theory to Study Brain Network Organization

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