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Janssen Scientist Offers Insights on Drug Discovery in Big Pharma to Students

Written by Rosie Digironimo
Published on March 27, 2020

Brad HeidrichBrad Heidrich, Senior Scientist at Janssen and current Ph.D. candidate in USciences Cell and Molecular Biology grad program, spoke with students taking Dr. Dana Zambito’s Biological Sciences colloquium class about thoughts and insights on drug discovery in big pharma.

Dr. Heidrich stressed that the lab skills acquired as an undergrad will make students more marketable and desirable to the job force, including the Pharmaceutical industry. Heidrich also highlighted the importance of internships and co-ops and how real experience can solidify or change your path in learning and interests.

While students may have a bit of tunnel vision when it comes to their careers, Heidrich emphasized that knowledge of bioinformatics and data science is not only helpful but also essential in the future of research. Heidrich underlined in his presentation that there are MANY opportunities beyond the lab in Pharma and described that students can put forward their science critical thinking background into many areas such as: strategic marketing, business development, project and program management, clinical development, and legal & regulatory work. He also discussed the exciting research opportunities at Janssen regarding immuno-oncology.

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