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Faculty Member Co-Writes Policy Statement Urging Changes to Medicare

Published on September 24, 2019

The number of adults living with hypertension has increased 43% according to a new guideline, prompting the creation of a policy statement about access to hypertension treatment that was co-authored by a USciences faculty member.

Amy Janke PhD, interim chair of the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences, director of the Master’s Program in Health Psychology and associate professor of psychology, helped to write “Society of Behavioral Medicine position statement: Support the updated hypertension guidelines and modify Medicare Part B to improve hypertension management.”

Treatment includes lifestyle counseling strategies like improving diet, reducing body weight, increasing physical activity, promoting self-monitoring of blood pressure and decreasing smoking.

In the policy, Dr. Janke and the other authors advocate for changes in Medicare that would allow the patients who need treatment access to these counseling strategies.

Existing Medicare policy doesn’t allow for many of the evidence-based lifestyle approaches to be reimbursed easily,” said Dr. Janke. “So, people with hypertension who could benefit from lifestyle counseling cannot access these treatments.

Read more on the policy statement here.

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